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Register now for the 2019 Spring Season!

Registration closes Jan 1

Baseball Tryouts

Baseball tryouts are 1/12, 1/13, 1/19, and 1/20 and are held at:

Castle Rock Field
800 Hutchinson Road
Walnut Creek CA

You will sign up for a tryout date when you register.

Softball Tryouts

Softball tryouts are 1/26.  Location will be confirmed with players through email.


Have you ever thought about joining the board for little league and didn't know how or where to go?  We have many board members who will be transitioning off the board because their children have aged out of the league.  This means that we have many open positions available.  Please view the list below:

  • President
  • AAA Coordinator (Baseball)
  • Majors Coordinator (Baseball)
  • A Coordinator (Softball)
  • Marketing and Recruitment (softball)
  • Sponsors/Ads
  • Opening Day Coordinator
  • Post Season Coordinator

Email Lia Bush at to inquire.

$50 Late Fee starts


Access to our website

Just a friendly reminder that all team pages are kept private as a safety precaution for your children.  Parents do have access to their teams pages, you simply need to log into the website (login you use to register at the beginning of the season) in order to have visibility to the game and season stats.

Lost and Found

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