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Have you ever thought about joining the board for little league and didn't know how or where to go?  We have many board members who will be transitioning off the board because their children have aged out of the league.  This means that we have many open positions available.  Please view the list below:

  • A Coordinator (Softball)
  • Marketing and Recruitment (softball)
  • Post Season Coordinator

Email Lia Bush at to inquire.

Volunteer Refund Requirement

**PLEASE NOTE:  The volunteer fees WILL NOT be returned if you have not completed your volunteer application.  Background checks are MANDATORY for all volunteers - this includes Board Members.**

Background checks are completed online.  All parents received a link upon completion of registration.  If you need the link resent to you, please email

Information Regarding Online Background Check

Little League® International has long been committed to the safety of its players, families, and volunteers, both on and off the field. To that end, all local Little League programs in the United States are required to conduct national criminal background checks, in addition to a search of the Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry, for each volunteer with regular service to the league or repetitive access to children.

Beginning with the 2018 season, Little League® changed its provider to J.D. Palatine (JDP), which has access to more than 450 million records, which include criminal records and sex offender registry records across 50 states and the District of Columbia.

This is an online only procedure with a secure site that eliminates the need for completing, turning in and storing paper forms and private information. Volunteer candidates simply provide their full name and email address to the league’s board officer, the officer enters this information into the JDP system, and the candidate receives an email link with instructions to complete the background check. Once complete, the board officer receives approval (or denial) notification and the volunteer is ready to go.

The reports available to the board officer only show volunteer name, date ordered, and date completed. All social security or other private information is unavailable to the local board.  

Visit the JDP website if you would like additional information.